I just got back from Madison’s first 5 Day Immersion Program, and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for what I’ve learned and the people I’ve met. This was next level learning! It took all of Madison’s online material and catapulted it to a whole new level of understanding and comprehension. What made this program so unique was being able to see first hand how Madison broke down all the steps and consistently progressed the horses training using the 5GR. Pretty much every single question I had coming into this program was answered by either Maddy directly, through group discussions, or visually watching her work the horses. Not only was I gaining knowledge through Q&A and training scenarios, I quickly saw I was able to problem solve situations in my own head following the 5GR as well. Aside from horse training, I found tremendous personal growth through our group discussion with fellow mustangers, and connected with so many amazing individuals during our time together. This experience will forever be written on my heart.

Heidi Harris

There are very few trainers who are able to explain the equine psychology behind their methods like you do. Your golden rules apply to any situation, so I don’t have to remember a step by step method.


Everytime I watch Madison, I learn something that I can apply to my horses. Madison is truly talented. I have a PhD in teaching and I truly believe Madison is a gifted teacher in addition to being a gifted horse person.