Amira’s Brand Band


“Amira” is the mustang that Madison will be competing with at the 2017 Mustang Magic Competition; but she has already won hearts around the world with her incredible tackless ride at just one week from wild, without ever having worn so much as a halter.

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This Brand Band features Amira’s unique freezemark shown on the left side of her neck. The “Big U” on her brand represents that she is a “3 strike mustang,” meaning that she failed to be adopted out at 3 events in a row, by no fault of her own. Amira is overcoming all odds and demonstrating the greatness that can be found inside of each and every mustang if we can only BELIEVE in them and BELIEVE in ourselves! Help support Amira and show YOUR belief in the American Mustang’s greatness with this handmade leather cuff.

*Single, standard size with copper snap.

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