Espana SILK Pro Natural Whitening and Brightening Shampoo


Cleaner, Whiter and Brighter for Horses of all ages without drying out of your their coat, face, tender/sensitive skin areas, mane or tail.

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Our “Lilly of the Valley” Pro Whitening & Brightening Shampoo deep cleans and whitens “pops” the light coats & brightens the dark coats.  Rinses stains & soiled areas out easily which makes this specialty shampoo a true favorite along with the beauty of it being great for all COLORS–no bleaching out to be concerned with–great for all colors!  A natural blend of concentrated coconut cleansers, vegetable protein, aloe vera and rosemary extract restores the horses hair to its natural color and vibrancy while keeping it soft and manageable.  Enjoy Espana Silks Pro Whitening & Brightening Shampoo used with Espana Silks Conditioners and/or Detangler/Full Body Sheen Protectant Spray with Sunscreen for added shine and skin health.  (Ready to use or up to 10:1 dilution)

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