Lessons at Liberty Amira’s Case Study DVD


Watch the first week of Amira’s training that ultimately led to her viral one week update video and her winning bridleless ride at the 2017 Mustang Magic competition 100 days from the wild!

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Follow 22 year old horsewoman, Madison Shambaugh (AKA “Mustang Maddy”), as she explores the possibilities of the horse-human relationship with Amira, a formerly wild horse out of chances. A series of events led Madison to set out on a mission to train Amira to ride without her ever having worn any ropes or even a single piece of tack – in just one week.

Prepare to be educated, entertained, and inspired as Madison experiences both the inevitable struggles and rewards associated with self-discovery, taking risks, and following your dreams.

Run time: Approx. 165 min

10 episodes

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