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Mustang Maddy has teamed up with Fleck, who has been producing riding crops and whips for 140 years, to bring you the highest in quality when it comes to essential tools as a part of Maddy’s training program! Each whip has a unique, lightweight and easy to hold FLECK-grip. They are made of flexible fiberglass, offering a unique stiffness that Maddy loves. Additionally, the woven nylon cover allows for longer lasting durability that will serve you for longterm use.

In Mustang Maddy’s program, whips allow for clear communication by acting as an extension of the human body, which is very upright compared to our horses elongated figure. They also serve as a clear, easy to handle tool to motivate the horse and follow through with requests. This bundle includes the three whips that are essential to Maddy’s training:

Dressage whip: Used for short-distance training on-line to set clear boundaries and gain precise communication both on the ground and undersaddle with the horse’s shoulders, ribcage, and hindquarters. The dressage whip is also an essential tool in Mustang Maddy’s colt starting program to translate cues learned on the ground to ridden work.

Carriage whip: Used for medium-distance training such as circles, which require communication with different body parts in motion and at a greater distance. Also used for driving and direction in liberty training. This whip is also Maddy’s choice when working with multiple horses at liberty from a ridden horse.

Lunge whip: Used for greater-distance training such as liberty on the ground as well as creating impulsion and direction for young horses who need more “room” as they are developing their balance.

Whips shown in beige, also available in black.

Dressage Whip – 40″/100 cm shaft w. loop and 4″/10 cm top lash

Carriage Whip – 61″/152 cm shaft w. 14″/35 cm tail and 9″/22.5 cm top lash

Lunge Whip- 61″/152 cm shaft w. 50″/125 cm tailand 10″/25 cm top lash


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*Whips ship in a 3 x 3 x 72″ box, and if additional merchandise is included in the order, it may require multiple packages and shipping fees.

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