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Takoda was the mustang assigned to Madison for the 2016 Louisiana Extreme Mustang Makeover, a competition in which trainers have 100 days to gentle and train a wild horse. He was born into the Palomino Valley Center facility in Reno, Nevada. While working with Takoda, Madison noticed how different his personality was from that of her other mustangs. It was during this time she realized that in order to bring out the greatness inside of each horse (and ourselves!), we must first learn to value the unique character traits of each individual. At the competition, Takoda & Madison performed a colorful freestyle in an attempt to convey this message. Following the competition, Madison adopted Takoda and he continues to perform with her and the rest of her team of mustangs in raising awareness for America’s wild horses.

Takoda’s unique identification brand on the left side of his neck is etched into the bottom of the clay pendant. A bright combination of different colors serves to represent their message of embracing individuality and showing your “true colors.” Etched into the metal tag reads the word, BE YOU, to remind the wearer to find the strength to embrace what makes them different.

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