Mustang Tuari’s Custom Ceramic Necklace


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“Tuari” was the first mustang that Madison adopted–and perhaps the most wild. Born in 2011, Tuari was captured from the Green Mountain herd management area in central Wyoming. His free spirited, strong willed nature is representative of all that the American Mustang stands for.

Tuari’s unique identification brand found on the left side of his neck is hand carved into the bottom of the clay pendant. A Navajo thunderbird is etched into the metal tag to represent his name, which originates from the Native American word meaning “young eagle.” The word, SOAR,  also appears on the tag to remind others to unleash their free spirit, just as the American Mustang does. Feathers are also attached to convey this message. Finally, the colors of the clay pendant were hand mixed in an attempt to capture Tuari’s contagious spirit– a fiery mix of wild and strong willed independence.

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