Running Wild Retreat Parts III & IV


August 2-6 & 9-13
Ridgway, Colorado

Humans gentling horses, horses gentling humans.

In this unparalleled event, Maddy will partner 6 participants with 6 wild mustangs to teach her unique gentling process as well as groundwork for success.

The mustangs provided will have completed Parts I & II of the Running Wild Retreat and will be ready for new participants to advance their skills, increasing the horses’ chances for a successful adoption.

Over the course of the retreat, participants will gain a solid understanding and practical application of Maddy’s 5 Golden Rules to the Horse-Human Connection Course for problem-solving or building any behavior.

For 6-8 hours per day, participants will receive one-on-one personalized instruction from Maddy and gain the ability to empower any horse. For more information on participation please see the description below.

Participant Passes – LIMITED

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This event doesn’t just include humans learning how to gentle horses; the horses will also be gentling the humans! Learn the wisdom of the wild horse through daily satsangs in which Maddy guides students through the lessons the mustangs have to teach us about ourselves. Various guest facilitators will aid in the process as well, creating an experience you do not want to miss. 

Each mustang may have progressed through Parts I & II at a different pace, but it is likely that they will be accepting and leading in a halter, accepting touch, have had basic desensitization to ropes and brushes, and will be performing basic maneuvers such as a hindquarter yield and back-up. They will then be ready for participants to teach them skills such as:

  • Advanced gentling and foundational colt starting skills such as crossing and dragging obstacles (ie tarps), accepting saddle pads, saddles, etc
  • Husbandry care behaviors such as picking up front and back feet, tying, and trailer loading
  • Maddy’s “Groundwork for Success” curriculum, which includes the following on-line and at liberty: 4 methods of backing up, hindquarter yield, forequarter yield, leg yield, and circles.

Throughout the week, you’ll be fully immersed in the wild horse experience! Participants will enjoy the incredible scenery of the San Juan Mountain range, tucked in Southwestern Colorado throughout their stay, as well as a host of other activities:

  • Tour to the wild horse herds at Sand Wash Basin
  • One-on-One personalized instruction from Maddy for 6-8 hours per day
  • Daily morning/evening rituals with meditation, yoga, breath work, group reflections, and teachings

Participants (Full Program) will receive meals and lodging included with their fee. Travel to and from retreat is the responsibility of the participant.

Students will emerge from this retreat with the following:

  • Solid understanding and practical application of Maddy’s 5 Golden Rules to the Horse-Human Connection Course for problem-solving or building any behavior
  • Proficient use of positive reinforcement (clicker training) for force-free training
  • Understanding of how to empower any horse through choice and a system of 2 way communication
  • Heightened sensitivity and awareness of equine emotions (teaching students to predict and diffuse a reaction before it occurs)
  • Refined abilities and the finesse required to achieve softness and lightness in the horse
  • Ability to build and strengthen a connection at liberty
  • The 5 Golden Rules Course is highly recommended and encouraged for participants to excel and get the most out of the gentling program.
  • A Home-Study Preparation Course will be given to students to prepare for their experience upon registration; this will include readings and videos that can be completed over the course of 1 week with just 10-15 minutes allotted each day.