Running Wild Retreat


July 12-23, 2019
Ridgway, Colorado

Humans gentling horses, horses gentling humans.

In this unparalleled event, Maddy will partner 6 participants with 6 untouched, wild mustangs to teach her unique gentling process. Maddy’s gentling program is built on trust, empowerment through choice, and two-way communication between horse and human. Although participation spots are limited, learning is not, Maddy welcomes auditors to learn and engage with her throughout the retreat.

Over the course of 10 days, participants will receive one-on-one personalized instruction to discover how to build a relationship with a wild horse without flooding, trauma or force. Though founded on Maddy’s experiences with mustangs, these methods are also valuable to rescue and rehabilitation projects, colt starting and even high levels of performance riding. Auditors are encouraged to interact and ask questions to deepen their learning.

At the end of the 10 days of training, there will be a final celebration which will include a live auction and showcase to help place these mustangs in suitable homes. Bidding will be open to the public and all proceeds will go toward The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary.

Participant Passes – SOLD OUT | Auditor Passes – AVAILABLE

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This event doesn’t just include humans learning how to gentle horses; the horses will also be gentling the humans! Learn the wisdom of the wild horse through daily satsangs in which Maddy guides students through the lessons the mustangs have to teach us about ourselves. Various guest facilitators will aid in the process as well, including Jennifer Grais, a sound and energy healing guide.

Throughout the week, you’ll be fully immersed in the wild horse experience! Participants will enjoy the incredible scenery of the San Juan Mountain range, tucked in Southwestern Colorado throughout their stay, as well as a host of other activities:

  • Wild horse tour of the Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area and an introduction to PZP birth control, presented by TJ Holmes
  • Nature walks and hiking opportunities out your back door
  • Healing and restorative yoga
  • Massage and healing services upon request

Participants (Full Program, Part I, & Part II) will receive meals and lodging included with their fee. Travel to and from retreat is the responsibility of the participant.

Each day of the retreat offers something new and exciting. Choose the course you want to take by selecting single day, half, or full program auditing passes. Auditors are welcomed at the event and encouraged to take notes and ask questions. By selecting the full auditing program you will witness Training Part I and Training Part II and be given the knowledge to create and strengthen your human-horse connection. As an auditor you will be able to develop a strong understanding of Mustang Maddy’s methodology and observe in-depth the application of those methods.

Auditing passes do not include food, accommodations, lodging, or any other travel expenses.

Creating a Connection

  • Introducing positive reinforcement training
  • Empowering horses through 2 way communication
  • Approach and Retreat Method and reading horses’ thresholds
  • First touches
  • Basic maneuvers: Hindquarter yield, back-up, lateral & vertical flexion
  • Developing a connection at liberty
  • Softening the body to touch and pressure
  • Accepting the halter

Strengthening the Connection

  • Practical Skill Building: Handling the feet, Leading, & Loading in the trailer
  • Strengthening the connection at liberty
  • Obstacles and trust building
  • The 5 Golden Rules Course is highly recommended and encouraged for participants to excel and get the most out of the gentling program.
  • A Home-Study Preparation Course will be given to students to prepare for their experience upon registration; this will include readings and videos that can be completed over the course of 1 week with just 10-15 minutes allotted each day.
  • July 11: Orientation & Welcome Dinner at 6 PM
  • July 12-16: Training Part I: Creating a connection
  • July 17: Day of Rest, Restoration, & Reflection – *Massage, yoga, & energy healing available upon request
  • July 18: Wild Horse tours at the Spring Creek Basin HMA
  • July 19-23: Training Part II: Strengthening the Connection
  • July 24: Showcase & Adoption