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Hey there! My name is Madison Shambaugh, also known as “Mustang Maddy.” 

I was diagnosed with a serious case of “Horse Fever” from a young age & when my dad agreed to get me a horse of my own at the age of 8, I thought it would be a fairytale dream come true..

But I was in for a rude awakening. I got bucked off, charged at, bolted off with, and kicked. Starting out with horses proved to be some of the hardest years of my life and it was definitely not what I had imagined as a happily ever after to my fairy tale dream...

But from a young age I committed myself to learning the language of the horse and figuring out how to get my horses to be with me as much as I wanted to be with them. I had to discover that magical relationship that I knew existed! 

After years of hands on experience training wild horses (mustangs) and zebras, closely examining the work of a wide array of equine professionals, studying communications at Purdue University, and countless trials and errors, I have finally been able to put together all that I learned into what I call “The 5 Golden Rules to Horse-Human Connection.” 

This program has led me to find incredible success in the area of colt starting, liberty (rope free) training, and performance riding. Starting in 2015, my work really began taking off and I now have over 8 million hits on my FB videos of my bridleless and liberty performances on previously wild mustangs — some just 1 week from being completely wild! 

So I guess you could say I’ve now found what I set out to discover all those years ago… The magic of the horse-human bond. And my mission now? To share my discoveries with you.

Although the end result is nothing short of magical, I’ve clearly mapped out the path of how to get there; it requires a solid understanding of the science behind equine psychology & behavior concepts, as well as tuning back into our nonverbal communication skills.

So what are you waiting for? Come join me and take the first steps towards your happily ever after!

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Get hands on training from Maddy to help you & your horse advance to levels you never thought possible! Choose from liberty, horsemanship, & barrel racing and see if Maddy is coming to an area near you!


Learn the inspiring story & struggle of the American Mustang and understand equine behavior in a new light by experiencing Maddy’s amazing liberty team of 6 previously wild mustangs + the only 2 liberty performing zebras in the world up close & personal!


Learn Maddy’s 5 Golden Rules to Horse-Human Connection through a variety of interactive, step-by-step courses & find a community of support.



What people are saying...

Every time I watch Madison, I learn something that I can apply to my horses. Madison is truly talented. I have a PhD in teaching and I truly believe Madison is a gifted teacher in addition to being a gifted horse person. -Maggie

I never imagined doing some of these things with my horses at liberty that I can now do because of Madison! I whole heartedly recommend these case studies and programs that she does to anyone wanting to step up their level of understanding with their horse. The amount of information one gains from them for the amount of money you spend is just phenomenal. You could take years of lessons and spend thousands to learn what she teaches for just a fraction of the money. -Jennifer



There are very few trainers who are able to explain the equine psychology behind their methods like you do. Your golden rules apply to any situation, so I don't have to remember a step by step method. -Kim

Madison is an AMAZING facilitator and explains things to where you can understand. She takes you every little step of the way explaining in depth her methods. -Ally

As someone who has studied communication and psychology, I enjoy how Maddy uses science and logic to explain why the techniques work and how the horses are learning them. It is a fun and informational experience all the way around...this is an inspired training method that has done a tremendous about of good for my horses, my training program and for my own horsemanship skills. -Emily



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