This course fits my learning style perfectly. I need to read in order to understand. I am able to read slowly, take handwritten notes, and reread any sections that I’m unsure about.

Dana Kleppinger

The information is well organized and presented in a very clear, direct manner. I also really like the reviews at the end of each section, as well as the videos where you demonstrate the rules.

Karen Witt

I learned that I am the biggest reason my horse has issues under saddle and acts fearful around cars and other horses. I have already started to approach everything with him using the tools I am learning from you, and I can say that we are both improving.

Laurie Russell

I’m totally impressed. I used a few things from your five golden rules on my OTTB in a round pen and wow. She became calm, collected, quiet, and with the least amount of resistance she did everything I asked.

Patricia Holcomb

Really impressed with depth of information and how easy you make it to understand. Very sincere and authentic presentation. Inviting and not ego based or overwhelming. Best on-line course I have taken.

Sarah Sander