I most definitely would (and have) recommend Mustang Maddy’s teaching programs! Eight months ago, I had never trained a horse. Now, I have so many people asking how I have taught my horses so much, especially liberty work!

Cece Watson

I feel learning through a digital program is beneficial (and better than in person) because you get to look back as many times as you need. When having a in person lesson/training session you have to try to remember all you learned in that hour. This platform lets you go back as many times as needed.

Corryn Rivera

Excellent program and I love the way she talks right to me. She is so authentic and clear with instructions.

Julie Robins

Madison has begun to develop a teaching program that I have found to be interesting and educational. I would highly recommend it to any level of trainer from the beginner to very experienced.

Kal Loveless

I love the digital platform because it enables me to review lessons multiple times to be sure I am getting it right. Madison taught me how to effectively do ground work with my horse where others have failed.

Laurie West Russell

I enjoy Maddy’s teaching style because she has a very scientific, well researched approach. She can tell you why she uses every method, what makes it effective, and how to break it down into the smallest steps. On top of that, she has a very positive, yet no b.s. attitude which I really appreciate.

Megan Snively

I absolutely swear by Mustang Maddy’s teaching methods! The endless possibilities it creates and the consistent, amazing, final products it puts out speaks directly on her level of horsemanship.

Rachel Fleury

I would definitely recommend Mustang Maddy’s teaching program to young and old, new to horses or not. She has a way of making each and every person feel special in one way or another.

Vicki Conrad