I really appreciate how you tailored your presentation to meet the audience & your patience in answering questions. You made everyone feel important! The whole crowd came away understanding how your kindness & intuition (plus a ton of hard work) came together to make it possible for a zebra & 2 mustangs to preform together with you.

Allison Wheaton

Thank you so much for everything you are sharing with us. I CANNOT wait for more! This Django case study has been way more useful than any in person clinic or videos I have ever participated in.

Ally Concannon

It’s really nice watching these videos and getting an actual real view on the training process. Too many “training” videos just show the finished product, it’s so helpful to see everything going on to get there.

Cat Zimmerman

I most definitely would (and have) recommend Mustang Maddy’s teaching programs! Eight months ago, I had never trained a horse. Now, I have so many people asking how I have taught my horses so much, especially liberty work!

Cece Watson

Mustang Maddy is amazing, and I have learned so much from going to her clinics and workshops.

Charisa Maloof

I feel learning through a digital program is beneficial (and better than in person) because you get to look back as many times as you need. When having a in person lesson/training session you have to try to remember all you learned in that hour. This platform lets you go back as many times as needed.

Corryn Rivera

This case study was worth every penny and more. I just happened to get a restart mustang in at this same time, so the whole series was extremely beneficial. I learned some very new and interesting techniques in how to help a very high anxiety filled horse.

Dana Kesselring

This course fits my learning style perfectly. I need to read in order to understand. I am able to read slowly, take handwritten notes, and reread any sections that I’m unsure about.

Dana Kleppinger

Django the Mustang Restart has been an amazing experience that I can keep revisiting and studying. The cost was a fraction of a one hour lesson and the benefits far surpassed what I could have learned in dozens of hours of lessons.

Donna Sabeno

I just got back from Madison’s first 5 Day Immersion Program, and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for what I’ve learned and the people I’ve met. This was next level learning! It took all of Madison’s online material and catapulted it to a whole new level of understanding and comprehension. What made this program so unique was being able to see first hand how Madison broke down all the steps and consistently progressed the horses training using the 5GR. Pretty much every single question I had coming into this program was answered by either Maddy directly, through group discussions, or visually watching her work the horses. Not only was I gaining knowledge through Q&A and training scenarios, I quickly saw I was able to problem solve situations in my own head following the 5GR as well. Aside from horse training, I found tremendous personal growth through our group discussion with fellow mustangers, and connected with so many amazing individuals during our time together. This experience will forever be written on my heart.

Heidi Harris