I would absolutely recommend Mustang Maddy’s teaching programs to others. Why? Because whether you’re a first time horse owner or a 40 year veteran, she has something to offer you. You NEVER know everything in this industry, but Maddy makes it so you know almost everything. I feel learning through a digital program is beneficial (and better than in person) because you get to look back as many times as you need. When having a in person lesson/training session you have to try to remember all you learned in that hour. This platform lets you go back as many times as needed.

Maddy’s teaching style is both detailed and clear. She not only describes what she needs done, she shows you. Something very few trainers do. I had a huge kick to my confidence this past summer. Not only did I have a (really) bad fall, I started second guessing myself and wondering if I had what it takes to be a trainer for a lifetime. Maddy reset my mind and soul and sent me on my way to the barn with a clear mind, all through this awesome group! Without her I may have stopped training this summer.