This case study was worth every penny and more. I just happened to get a restart mustang in at this same time, so the whole series was extremely beneficial. I learned some very new and interesting techniques in how to help a very high anxiety filled horse. I learned some great new ways to begin liberty before ever haltering a horse! It was amazing how well everything worked, and you were extremely easy to follow and understand. One thing I loved about the in depth studies is that you spend over an hour on a specific session and I feel like I was in a classroom right there watching.

I also really enjoyed the fact that I could watch certain sessions and then go out to the barn and apply what I just learned and then the next day we would progress from there. I also learned do much about horse behaviors and why they do what they do in certain situations, I love how you explain things as you are teaching. I don’t like to hear a lot of stories about this or that, and you just go straight to teaching without all the stories attached to it. BUT my favorite part of the whole series had nothing to do with you teaching us about horses but it had everything to do about you showing us how much you love and care about people. During one of your sessions a gentleman came in and kept asking you questions and done were quite silly, but instead of dismissing him and his questions, you answered them with patience and love and sincerity! I will never forget that and it will stay with me forever ❤️❤️🐴🐴🐴 you are such a beautiful soul and I am so blessed for having met you and even more blessed for getting to learn from you!