The case study with DJango was and awesome experience. I got more then my money worth watching this and was inspired to try the liberty start with one of my own horses. I absolutely loved being able to watch every step with him without it being edited. I loved the raw and uncut version we got to witness. We got to see the good and the bad and help to show the work that really goes into these horses. The ability to have our questions asked as Madison was working with him was an invaluable tool to help understand her process and what we were seeing.

Between both the regular group and this case study I have learned so much that has helped me to step up my horsemanship and ability with my horses. I never imagined doing some of these things with my horses at liberty that I can now do because of Madison! I whole heartedly recommend these case study’s and programs that she does to anyone wanting to step up their level of understanding with their horse. The amount of information one gains from them for the amount of money you spend is just phenomenal. You could take years of lessons and spend thousands to learn what she teaches for just a fraction of the money.

I can’t thank Madison enough for be so willing and helpful to all of us. I’m at such a different level with my horses now then I was just a few months ago and have had many ask me to help them learn to do some of it. I never dreamed I would be sitting on a colt for the first time or even a restart without any tack. I’ve got such a bigger arsenal of tools in my tool box to use with so many horses now. I can’t soak in enough information from her. She explains it all in an easy way to understand and makes the lightbulb just go off as you listen and watch! I’ve listened to, watched and worked under many people and Madison by far had made it the easiest to understand!