I absolutely swear by Mustang Maddy’s teaching methods! The endless possibilities it creates and the consistent, amazing, final products it puts out speaks directly on her level of horsemanship. While some of her tricks may seem unattainable I assure you if you set a goal you can reach it with her training videos and support.

Hands on learning works best for me, however, surprisingly the online group has allowed me to learn way more than anyone could at a regular clinic or lesson. Maddy does an amazing job providing detailed, transparent, honest, and helpful training videos. They’re always clear, motivating, focused and positive.

All in all I personalty owe a lot to Mustang Maddy. It’s through her guidance that I’ve learned how to push the limits of my potential (safely and effectively), and also creates this desire for personal growth. Honestly I can’t say enough good things about this young lady and what she’s doing. In my opinion everyone who owns a horse could benefit from her group. It will boost your confidence, provide knowledge, and the absolute best support base for constant self growth. Highly recommend!