The Django case study has been a phenomenal experience/learning tool for me. To watch you step by step with you explaining it along the way and being able to ask questions has proved to be invaluable to me! It has give me the education and confidence to accomplish liberty work with my mustangs. I have seen a huge transformation in my personal mustang that I am restarting with your liberty approach. He has become much more relaxed while working and we have truly bonded through this experience. I watched each video as you published them as well as going back over them many times. This has really helped me with my timing and ability to teach my mustang. In fact, I am still watching videos when I need to figure out something specific. I am currently gentling my first wild mustang with your approach and I can’t tell you how much this has helped.

Even though Django was a restart, I can apply what I learned to my wild one. Learning about the emotions and how they manifest themselves and how to handle those manifestations has been the most profound lesson for me. This really brought me to a new level of understanding, patience, and ability to help my mustangs. I am currently reviewing the first few days of the case study because that is where my ‘wild’ mare is at in her training. Having this resource makes all the difference in my horsemanship and relationships with my mustangs and their education. The case study was most definitely worth every penny and more! I highly recommend this case study to anyone wanting to refine their horsemanship and/or build a solid foundation and relationship with their horse. I have people asking me where I learned what I am doing with my horses and commenting on the training I’m doing with my new mustang. I always tell them about you and encourage them to check out your program/work! I can’t think of any improvements to make; it worked great and I loved it. 🙂 I am looking forward to more in the future! Thank you so much for making a positive and profound impact in my life and my horses’ lives. I can honestly say it is not just my horsemanship that you have made an impression upon but also me as a person.