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Amira’s Brand Band


“Amira” is the mustang that Madison will be competing with at the 2017 Mustang Magic Competition; but she has already won hearts around the world with her incredible tackless ride at just one week from wild, without ever having worn so much as a halter.

Espana Silk Natural Bug Spray Out Of Stock

Espana SILK All Natural Bug Spray


Imagine REAL COMFORT-SAFE, NON-STICKY and ALL NATURAL – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel – when something works it really works! Espana Silks Natural Bug Spray works on you, horses of all ages (great for all animals) and is environmentally friendly!

Espana SILK All Natural Protein Antiseptic/Healing Shampoo/Conditioner


Ideal for those “extra duties”, our Antiseptic/Healing Shampoo, with extra Silk Proteins, soothes and promotes healing for all ages of animals and people who suffer from skin allergies, eczema, hot spots, bug & flea bites, sunburn, scratches, rain rot, sensitive skin issues, clipper and minor skin irritations.